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01_Management of The Safety of Automation Challenges The Training of Ship Officers.pdfDownload
02_Comparative Analysis of Combustion verses Hydrogen fueled Cargo Ships.pdfDownload
03_Maritime Education as the Development Locomotive of Maritime Transport and the Aspired Role of Maritime Academies.pdfDownload
04_Compulsory Simulator Training Stages for Deck Cadets.pdfDownload
05_Oil Spill Scenarios in the aftermath of Ship Accidents at the Anchorage Area for the Marmara Sea Entrance of the Istanbul Strait.pdfDownload
06_New Simulation Technology for Safety & Security Trainingin MET.pdfDownload
07_Global Awareness, Global Stewardship and the Greening of Maritime Education.pdfDownload
08_Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement for Environmental Obligations.pdfDownload
09_The Integrated Maritime Education and Research Activity of Gdynia Maritime University for Seafarers.pdfDownload
10_The Training Ship Golden Bear Ballast Water Treatment.pdfDownload
11_Novel Phase Change Material Icephobic Coating for Ice Mitigation in Marine Environments.pdfDownload
12_New Roles and Responsibilities of Flag States and Port States in the Context of the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe andEnvironmentally SoundRecycling ofShips,.pdfDownload
13_Analysis and Trends of MET System in Croatia – Challenges for the 21st Century.pdfDownload
14_EMSA CLEANSEANET System in its Practical Implementation.pdfDownload
15_Degradability of Different Packaging Polymeric Materials in Sea Water.pdfDownload
16_The MarEng and the MarEng Plus Projects New Online Teaching and Learning Maritime English Materials.pdfDownload
17_Influence of Human Factor on Marine Casualties.pdfDownload
18_The Impact of the European Unions Zero-waste, Zero-emission Maritime Transport Policy and...pdfDownload
19_STCW 78 Manila Amendments and Some Risk Assessment Aspects.pdfDownload
20_Optimal Management of Fleet Relocation at Deepsea Fishing Grounds.pdfDownload
21_Removal of Particulate Matter and NOx from Boiler Exhaust Gas in Electrostatic Water Spraying Scrubber.pdfDownload
22_Marine Traffic Safety Diagnostic Scheme in Korea.pdfDownload
23_Meeting Stakeholders' Interests in Developing a Bachelor Programme in Nautical Studies.pdfDownload
24_Using Inert Gas to Treat Aquatic Organisms in Ballast Water of the Ships.pdfDownload
25_Application of Regulations Concerning the Transport of Dangerous Goods Transported in Bulk.pdfDownload
26_Analysis on Ship Oil Pollution Damage Compensation System in China.pdfDownload
27_Model of Human Elements for Maintenance Engineering in Maritime Field.pdfDownload
28_Initial Assessment of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Composition in Ballast Water Tanks of an Inter-Island Passenger-Cargo Vessel in the Philippines.pdfDownload
29_Cleaning Equipment for Ships Machine Parts UT-JETWASHER 500.pdfDownload
30_An Assessment of the Current Status of North American Industry's Commitment to Green Shipping.pdfDownload
31_Pollution Generated by Ships – an Issue That Should be Kept Under Control.pdfDownload
32_A Hybrid Marine Vessel – Supplemented by a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Power System – as a Case Study for Reducing Emissions and Improving Diesel Engine Efficiency.pdfDownload
33_On the Evaluation of Berthing Training for Pilot Trainees Using a Ship Maneuvering Simulator.pdfDownload
34_MET Systems Comprehensive Analyze as One of The Results ONMA-IAMU Project 2010.pdfDownload